Financial Planning

The Financial Planning process builds a road map that defines the direction in which you want your life to proceed. A Financial Plan will help you navigate through life stages such as employment, marriage, home ownership, parenting, eldercare, divorce, retirement and ultimately death—and all the stops in between. Financial Planning identifies and prioritizes actions that help achieve and implement your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Major Areas of Financial Planning Include:

  • Creating a Net Worth Statement
  • Budgeting Income, Expenses and Savings
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning and Funding
  • Investments/ Asset Allocation/ Portfolio Construction and Management

Financial Planning is at the center of what we do. We believe your personal finances include more than just your portfolio. Do you…

  • Have a nagging feeling that you should be taking better care of your personal finances but not sure what to do next?
  • Feel overwhelmed by variety of personal financial topics demanding your attention?
  • Simply want to learn more to make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your family, yourself, and your assets?

We build long-term relationships, focused on your personal financial situation, that help you to organize, plan, and pursue your personal financial goals.

Our independent and objective Financial Planning Services include:

  • Initial discovery and ongoing refinement of your personal financial goals
  • Regular update meetings (by phone or in-person as appropriate) to review your progress towards your personal financial goals
  • Tax-sensitive portfolio design recommendations aligned with your required investment return and your comfort with fluctuations in the value of your portfolio
  • Ongoing reviews of your employer sponsored benefits, stock option and restricted stock plans, and retirement benefits
  • Collaboration with your tax advisor to mitigate your tax exposure
  • Collaboration with your attorney to ensure that your estate plan reflects your wishes
  • Review of your need for life, property/casualty, liability, disability, and long-term care insurance (please note: we do not sell insurance products of any type)
  • Development of customized college funding strategies